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     Joe hicks

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I am currently a student a California State University Northridge working full time as a staff engineer in the city of Burbank. I have a passion for getting involved with the community and have a strong background in working with non profit organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Soraya Center for Performing Arts, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Cal Geo Student Chapter.


In college I found networking to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying activities. I have traveled all over the United States from places like Hawaii and Alaska to Arizona and Oregon attending national professional conferences and I have networked with some of the industries premiere leaders. These leaders helped me branch into the professional world and gave me some of the best advice I never thought to ask for. 

After building this professional network I decided it was time to share what I created. The Young Professional is an organization meant to help students and emerging professionals learn what the first steps into industry are and meant to guide them along the way. The TYP podcast series are interviews with people that I've met along my career path and is meant to give insight to the challenges and obstacles that are ahead of all of us.