Meet Our Featured Professionals


Jonathan Ontiveros




Jon is a Staff Engineer graduating from CSUN in 2015, a Wellness Coach, Father of 2 and an Outdoor enthusiast. Working in the professional world and balancing family is one of the biggest challenges we face as young professionals. Listen to how Jon faced the challenge of starting his career and a family at the same time all the while continuing to push himself to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helping others.


Tim Lounibos 




Working as a minority actor in the 90's at a time when reflecting the face of society was hardly a consideration and the phrase "we're not going that way" was commonplace, Tim found himself in a position where many of us face. He was faced with the choice to continue to pursue his passion or to give up to provide for his family. For Seven Years Tim worked as a manager and supervisor to hundreds of employees in place of his passion for acting. Now after all these years, Tim has headed back to Hollywood and has already landed a lead role in film and a reoccurring role on a soap opera after just two auditions. 

Listen to his story of how following his passion was the right thing for both him and his family.